Preparing your poster

Poster space will be arranged for displays of 90 x 120 cm (width x height, portrait) format. Please do not plan to exceed these dimensions. Space will be limited and some posters will be mounted on wall space. Mounting materials will be provided.

Poster location will be by submission ID number and will be split between two poster sessions.

Poster Session I: please mount your poster Sunday, 7th July, and demount your poster no later than 15:30 on Tuesday, 9th July.

Poster Session II: please mount your poster after 18:30, Tuesday, 9th July and demount your poster the morning of Friday, 12th July.

We strongly recommend that you mount a photo of yourself with your poster so that delegates can readily identify you in order to speak with you during the course of the week.

Photographing posters will not be permitted at the meeting unless expressly approved by you and indicated on your poster. If you agree to photography of your poster, please make sure that this is indicated on the poster.


We’re now accepting abstract submissions! We welcome submissions for a number of oral presentations and posters in all areas of plant biology of relevance to membranes and their function, including:

  • Transporter structure, function and design
  • Membrane organization and organelle transport
  • Membrane traffic and coordination
  • Receptors, signalling complexes, and development
  • Nutrients and long-distance transport
  • Water
  • Environmental membrane physiology
  • Defence, symbiosis and long-distance signalling

Abstract Submission Deadline – May 20, 2019

Abstract submission deadline for Oral Presentations – April 15th, 2019