IWPMB2019 will be hosted by the University of Glasgow. With the exception of the IWPMB banquet, all activities will be held in the Charles Wilson Building on the University of Glasgow campus, close to Kelvinbridge underground station and a 3 min walk from the main entrance to the University.

Tentative schedule

Sunday, 7th July


18:00-19:00 Welcome reception

19:00-21:00 Gala opening and presentations

Rainer Hedrich (Wurzburg)

Liwen Jiang (Hong Kong)

Monday, 8th July


09:00-12:00 Structure, function and design for membrane transport

Liang Feng (Stanford)

Maria Papanatsiou (Glasgow)

Additional presentations / elevator talks

13:30-16:00 Membrane organisation and organelle transport

Thomas Ott (Freiburg)

Teun Munnik (Amsterdam)

Rosa Lopez (Copenhagen)

Additional presentations

16:00-18:00 Poster session I

Elevator talks

Tuesday, 9th July


09:00-13:00 Membrane traffic and cellular coordination

Jenny Russinova (Ghent)

Yvon Jaillais (Lyon)

Rucha Karnik (Glasgow)

Additional presentations / elevator talks

14:00-15:30 Poster session I

15:30-18:30 Receptors, signalling and development

Toshinori Kinoshita (Nagoya)

Myriam Charpentier (Norwich)

Additional presentations / elevator talks

Wednesday, 10th July


08:30-10:00 Poster session II

Elevator talks

10:00-13:00 Nutrients, long-distance transport and communication

Marie Baberon (Geneva)

Yoshikatsu Matsubayashi (Nagoya)

Additional presentations / elevator talks

13:00-18:00 Tours and events

18:30-23:00 Gala dinner and Robbie Burns (Bute Hall)

Thursday, 11th July

09:00-12:30 Water, salt and environmental interactions I

Mareike Jezek (Glasgow)

Paul Verslues (Taipei)

Additional presentations / elevator talks

13:30-15:00 Poster session II

Elevator talks

15:00-18:00 Water, salt and environmental interactions II

Steve Tyerman (Adelaide)

Liz Haswell (St. Louis)

Additional presentations

Friday, 12th July

09:00-13:00 Defence, symbiosis and long-distance signalling

Simon Gilroy (Madison)

Christine Faulkner (Norwich)

Additional presentations

14:00 Formal close

15:00-18:00 Additional tours and events